Ahl Masr Trauma And Burn Hospital


Designed by Vital Concept, Ahl Masr Burn Hospital will be the largest non-profit burn medical facility in the MENA region with 120 bed capacity expandable to 180 beds, including complete medical services such as operating suites, ambulatory services, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation and psychotherapy, and laboratories.

An innovative modular design concept was adopted to make the new hospital as easy, modern and efficient as possible for patients. Healing environment and Evidence Based Design concepts were introduced and a child-friendly environment was created.

Intensive use of light courts and naturally lit spaces helped in maximizing sunlight penetration. Moreover, a dynamic environmentally-considered fa├žade was designed to utilize the usage of solar cells and controlling shade and shadows. The hospital is now in its final phase getting ready to open its doors wide for all the trauma and burns patients all over the Egypt.